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Just Now – John Martyn


John Martyn may be renowned for his incredibly intracate, innovative and accomplished guitar playing. But he is also the writer of some simple, beautiful songs, and this is one of them (see also Over The Hill). Taken from his 1971 album “Bless The Weather“, Just Now seems to be a song about growing  up, about the friendships that shift, change and dissolve as we do so, but looking optimistically to a special friendship that he longs to return to. With a delicate balance of strummed guitar and piano chords, this song closed the first side of the album on a gorgeous, pensive note.

The songsheet is a similarly simple affair. I’ve taken the key down from Eb to D just to make it (a) easier to play and (b) more comfortable for me to sing. Nothing much to add, really. This is just beautiful. Enjoy!



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Over The Hill – John Martyn


<song sheet>

John Martyn’s 1973 album “Solid Air” is a classic. That much is almost beyond debate. A gorgeous mix of folk, jazz and blues it is beautiful and timeless. “Over The Hill” is one of the simpler and more straightforward songs on that album, and it is that simplicity that makes it great for the uke. Obviously you can try emulating John’s extraordinary guitar technique on it if you want, but I prefer (am only able to?!) keep it much more simple.

Not much more to say on this one. Get the rhythm going, and you’re almost there. Enjoy!