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Follow You, Follow Me – Genesis

Follow You, Follow Me

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Let’s get this straight from the start. I’m not a big Genesis fan. Never have been.

All that early prog-rock staff really leaves me cold (as does most prog rock, if truth be told), although I do actually quite like The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway. And much of the later stuff from the 1980s just feels pointless and soulless. But I do have a soft spot for some of the late-70s / early 80s singles – songs like Turn It On Again, Misunderstanding and Mama seemed to occur in that transition from prog to pop, and were all the better for it.

Follow You, Follow Me was probably my first exposure to Genesis, and is a song I have loved for as long as I can remember. Maybe pre-empting some of the early Phil Collins solo material (and I will argue with anybody the merits of “Face Value“) it is probably one of their more melodic offerings (original version here, really nice unplugged version here). So what better song for a little uke-ing.

This one is largely transcribed from guitar chords from a number of sources on the web, but then I found this on YouTube, which confirmed my suspicions that this would work on the ukelele. It really does!

Here are the chords (below). Enjoy!