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Uke-ifying my favourite songs

The Light From The Window

The Light From The Window is a collection of two new songs and a remixed song from the SUJ soundtrack.

Listen to tracks from this collection below by clicking on the title (more details on the individual tracks at the bottom of this page), and if you like any of it go to Bandcamp where you can download the whole album or individual tracks.


The Light From The Window

This track was conceived during a holiday in Yorkshire, initially as a basic chord and picking pattern. Subsequently tweaked to fit the beat, and overlaid with ukulele and synth riffs.


Glow is the first post-documentary ukulele-based piece that I’ve put together. That’s significant in that I felt less concerned with making this sound like a ukulele, and just wanted to create a piece of music.

You wouldn’t know it, but the piece took some of its original inspiration from a number of tracks on Goldfrapp’s Tales Of Us album, a record that is both luxurious and atmospheric. I was also listing to Young Marble Giants quite a bit at the time as well, and I think some of that minimalism rubbed off here (e.g. the drum machine), something reinforced by a quote from an interview with Brian Eno that I read whilst doing this:

“The path of least resistance for anyone with a lot of sound-making tools is to keep making more sounds. The path of discipline is to say: Let’s see how few we can get away with.”

So I’ve tried to subtract rather than add, keeping it simple rather than over-complicating.

Motorukik (Remix)

This is a remixed version of the original Motorukik from the “Raw and Refined” collection. Generally made to be a bit crisper and punchier.

Motorukik was intended as an attempt to meld the krautrock motorik beat to the ukulele, the intention was to follow the keep it simple, keep it repetitive ethos adopted by the likes of Neu! and Kraftwerk. But with a ukulele!