Uke Tunes

Uke-ifying my favourite songs


So the main reason for this little site to exist has been to publish ukulele chord sheets for various popular (and not so popular) songs. And it will continue to do that. But over the last few months on my ukulele adventure I’ve taken to writing and recording a bunch of original instrumental material, and am taking the liberty of using these pages to give that material an outlet. The original motivation was to help soundtrack a documentary being put together about Southampton Ukulele Jam (see here for more background on that), but since then it’s become something of a bug that I’ll continue to indulge.


Raw and Refined is my first collection of original material. Written to soundtrack a documentary being put together about Southampton Ukulele Jam (SUJ) this was something of a learning experience in writing and recording.


Let’s Go is unashamedly attempting to evoke the early 80s synthpop sounds of the likes of The Human League and Depeche Mode. This was an opportunity to have a bit of fun and try something different. There are no ukuleles on this song!



The Light From The Window is a collection of two new songs and a remixed song from the SUJ soundtrack..