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Southampton Ukulele Jam – The Documentary


Southampton Ukulele Jam is my “home” ukulele group. And a couple of years ago work we launched a kickstarter campaign to fund a documentary about the group. That premiered in a local cinema last year, and now that documentary is launched onto an unsuspecting world.

The film, by by first-time filmmaker Amy Lupin, features live and archive footage and interviews, and looks at how and why over 100 people come together every fortnight to play the ukulele together.

Meeting every fortnight at The 1865, Southampton Ukulele Jam is free and open to anyone. The jam also play at events most weekends, raising money for charity and supporting community initiatives. They tend to steer away from traditional ukulele music, preferring instead tunes ranging from The Ramones to Lady Gaga delivered with a chaotic sense of fun that emphasises enthusiasm over ability. You can contact SUJ via their website

Watch the documentary here.

4 thoughts on “Southampton Ukulele Jam – The Documentary

  1. Hi Ian – I’ve put a blog entry about this on our PLUC website, as your Songsbooks linked from our Songs resource page are always hugely popular & I’m sure folk will be interested to see the difference between how a large group runs!
    All the best.

    • Thanks for the blog entry, Jeanette. We’re trying to get the documentary seen far and wide, so really appreciated.

      • I really enjoyed watching it – everyone involved has done a great job to make it an entertaining and informative film. I hope it encourages other players to seek out a local group, or even set up their own!

        I always find it instructive to see how other uke groups operate: we’ve been going since 2008 (I joined a few years after PLUC was set up) and have a steady flow if people through our doors but numbers seem to settle at around 15 – 20 regulars. The comparison seeing how a much larger unit runs is instructive. I run the website and do most of the admin. Just a few of us sort out song arrangements.

        I don’t think people realise how much background effort is involved and the behind-the-scenes activities to make for a successful operation, whilst keeping a relaxed and informal but interestingly musical session going.

        I wish you all lots of luck in continuing to go from strength to strength! Jeanette

  2. Glad you enjoyed it, Jeanette. I was only involved on the edges of it, but a lot of work went into it and I think it tells a good story. We do appreciate how lucky we are at SUJ, although those kind of numbers do have their own challenges. But big or small, that background effort is vital to making it all work – I’m sure you’re efforts are appreciated.

    Thanks for all your support, and if you’re ever down Southampton way on a Monday that coincides with a Jam, do pop in. You’d be more than welcome. Ian

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