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Ukuele album nights

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So this seems to have officially become a thing! After the earlier posting of a songbook for Blondie’s Parallel Lines, I slightly vaguely suggested that we try a spin on the vinyl listening party idea. The plan being to listen to Blondie’s Parallel Lines (on vinyl) , track by track, and then play together – as a ukulele jam – each track. So listening to each song, remembering how it was done, and then jam together on said track.

Well the reaction to the idea definitely seemed to have legs. And so a couple of weeks ago I led a night with 30-40-ish of our local Ukulele group (Southampton Ukulele Jam) doing just that. With the exception of a dodgy record player (the backup iPod to the rescue!) the evening seemed to be a roaring success. So much so that we’re planning a series of them (next one coming in the next post).

Below are a couple of videos from the evening – one of us doing Heart of Glass, the second of Sunday Girl. I claim no copyright on this idea, so feel free to try it yourself.



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