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UkeTunes Songbooks – Edition 3


I thought it was probably about time that I updated the songbooks to include all the new songs that I’ve posted on here over the last 18 months or so. And here they are. These songbooks are by far the most downloaded things on this site, and hopefully that means they get used as well. Please feel free to onward share as well as use yourself

As with the last update, I’ve taken the opportunity to include a whole batch of songs that I’d worked on that never made onto this site as individual blog posts. So by my reckoning there are 39 new songs in here since the last edition, making a total of 152 songs in the new book. Eclectic as ever, that includes some synth classics, pop-punk by way of the 60s, a fair smattering of contemporary country-and-folk tinged songs, disco, and even a few contemporary pop hits. But more importantly just good songs (in my opinion, at least!).

These are now compiled into three books:








For reference, here’s the list of all the new songs that are included in the books (those that haven’t previously published on the site are shown with a (*):


4 thoughts on “UkeTunes Songbooks – Edition 3

  1. Excellent stuff, thank you. I’ve updated the PLUC site to link to the new ones on your main Songbooks page now. Jeanette

  2. Thanks for doing that, Jeanette. That’s much appreciated.

    Note that I’ve just created a Facebook page that updates to the page will be published to. It’s at – feel free to like and follow.

  3. I find this really interesting:-
    I have a current list of 42 songs that I play (without score) on my uke! (Eclectic mix. All covers)
    Also another 10 songs on my “Must Learn” list and yet not one of them appear
    in your (updated) “Uke Tunes Song Books”!
    I’m not even a huge G.F fan!
    I will admit to performing solo at folk clubs and open mic’s, where I am
    well received, rather than strum along with the local Uke Jammers.

    • I’m very conscious that my song selection is somewhat eclectic, certainly not of the typical uke variety, and probably strongly reflects my vintage. But each to his own. Glad to hear you’re getting out there playing your tunes.

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