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New original songs! From me!


<Warning – shameless self-promotion below>

So the main reason that these pages have been a little (OK, very!) quiet over the last few months is that I’ve been somewhat distracted.

As you may know, I’ve been a member of Southampton Ukulele Jam for nearly four years. I’d previously been a (very poor) guitar player, but hadn’t played for quite a while. But the slightly anarchic and communal spirit of SUJ reignited a hunger in me to play music, however rough and ready it might be.

Fast-forward a few years, and in October 2016 SUJ had just decided it was going to get a documentary made about the group, funded as a Kickstarter, and using the talents of the lovely Amy Lupin. After one of our fortnightly Jams, Colin McAllister (founder and leader of SUJ) took me aside and asked if I fancied creating some original music to be included in the documentary. Something to do with copyright issues with using the cover material that the group usually does. Well, I hadn’t been expecting that, BUT it had been in the back of my mind for a while that I fancied having a go at creating some music of my own. So undaunted by having absolutely zero experience in these things, the opportunity seemed too good to pass on, and so I said yes.

Little did I know at the time where it would end up. What has now come to constitute something vaguely resembling a full-length album is this little collection of original music. I fully accept that it’s a bit rough and ready (some more than others, some deliberately so – honest!), and I really don’t know whether anybody other than myself will be interested. At the point of writing (February 2017) the documentary is still in the editing stage, so I haven’t a clue how much of this will make the cut (although early versions did turn up in the Kickstarter promo film and the trailer). [NOTE : The documentary is due for release February/March 2017 – more news on that when I have details] But that doesn’t really matter. The point is I’ve really enjoyed the process, learned a lot along the way, and may have got a bit of a bug.

So it felt like it was time to share these and make them public. There’s 14 tracks here in various forms, you can have a listen below. And if you’re *really* interested you can download the whole lot for a small fee – all profits going to charities supported by Southampton Ukulele Jam.




5 thoughts on “New original songs! From me!

  1. Really enjoyed those! The Punky One is superb, thank you for sharing them all!

    • Thanks, Mark. Really appreciate the feedback. It’s always hard to judge how these things come across, so good to get some external validation!

      • I’ve just bought a copy as a thank you for all the work you do on this site as well as there being some great tunes on it!

      • Mark, you’re an absolute star. Thank you so much. If this was a limited edition vinyl copy (which it isn’t!) you’d have number 0001.

      • Wahooo!! There are some great tunes on there though. I knew i’d like them based on your mix of music on the site, Dream Academy, Massive Attack (cover), Stornoway to name but a few!! Great stuff!! Thank you!

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