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UkeTunes Songbooks – Edition 2 is here!!!


songbookIt’s what the ukulele world hasn’t been waiting for! Its just over a year now since I first compiled and published the UkeTunes songbook. And judging by the number of downloads it looks like something that some people have appreciated. So I thought I’d give them an update to incorporate all of the songs that I’ve put on this site since then. And here it is.

As well as sweeping up all of the songs published on this site to date, I’ve also taken the opportunity to incorporate a number of other songs that I’d worked on but never got round to uploading onto the site (I’ll get round to publishing them as single sheets somewhen soon).

So there’s 37 new songs in total, pushing the main songbook to over 110 songs. Continuing the eclectic nature of the site, those new songs range from 1920s blues, smatterings of country, 1990s britpop and dance to One Direction. With the usual healthy smattering of the best of the 80s for good measure.

Not content with one songbook, though, I’ve compiled this into three books:


As before, please feel free to onward share and use as you wish.

For reference, the full set of new songs is as follows (links are to individual song sheets for each song):





7 thoughts on “UkeTunes Songbooks – Edition 2 is here!!!

  1. Great collection! I am going to borrow some for my book 👍 – will link back to gere though – thanks


  2. Thanks very much for these excellent updates. Shared on our site on our Songbooks pages.

  3. Really good job, Ian. Have you considered making a 70’s song book?

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