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Lyin’ Eyes – Eagles

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lyineyes(It’s been a bit quiet here lately, hasn’t it? Sorry about that, but holidays, festivals and other things have been getting in the way of things.Hopefully normal, semi-regular will be resumed as soon as possible)

Eagles were never a band that were high on my sightlines. Having been persuaded early on by the orthodoxies of punk / post-punk / new wave, they were a band that seemed to be everything that those scenes were kicking against. Even when, much later on, I started getting into country music, Eagles still felt too slick, too corporate, too watered down to be interesting. But over time I must have mellowed. Whilst I certainly wouldn’t go as far as considering myself a fan, I’ve grown to really enjoy some of the songs. There’s some great songwriting going on, that general country/rock vibe is something I’m a sucker for, and those harmonies help seal the deal.


Lyin’ Eyes is a classic example. More country than rock (although it’s Grammy nomination was in the pop song category), it does one of the things I particularly like about many country music songs – it tells a story. Not a happy one, and not one that resolves itself in any satisfactory way. But it’s a story that takes you on a journey, one that’s undoubtedly human and which you can identify with, even if you haven’t been in the self-same situation. The song was a huge hit in the US, but only a relatively minor one in the UK, where the band never really established themselves as a singles band.

So here’s the song sheet. It’s quite straightforward, with a relatively simple rhythm and pattern, and a relatively straightfoward set of chords. Apart from that G9! It definitely sounds better with it, but if you struggle with it then you can get away with a G7. Enjoy!



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