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UkeTunes Songbook, Volume 1So I thought it was about time I pulled together all the songs that I’ve posted on here so far into one, single, UkeTunes songbook. And here it is!

<songbook pdf>

Somewhat optimistically subtitled “Volume 1”, here is the songbook nobody has been waiting for. From the ridiculously popular (-ish) to the willfully obscure (Our Daughters Wedding, anybody?) UkeTunes Volume 1 brings together an eclectic mix of punk and synthpop, folk and country, showtunes and reggae, soul and ska, in the songbook that will revolutionise the four-stringed world and have ukulele groups all over the world casting aside their battered copies of Folsom Prison Blues, Bad Moon Rising and Five Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue in favour of songs about the ethics of silk-worm farming, Dostoyevsky’s reflections on free will, and the recurring disasters of April 14th. There might be a few broken-hearted love songs in there as well.

Feel free to onward share the book. It’s been put together with the intention of being used, although I think it would be a brave group to perform all of these (I’m thinking of you, “The Mating Game”!).

And foUkeTunes - The 80sr those for whom the eclecticism on offer in this songbook is maybe just a little too much, I’ve also pulled together a sub-volume which collects together all the songs published so far on this site from the 1980s. Remember, though, this is *my* 1980s, not the one of popular imagination, so it still veers off into some obscure bywaters. Click on the image or link below for UkeTunes – The 80s.

<80s songbook>



7 thoughts on “UkeTunes Songbooks!

  1. Cant open links! Oh noooo! This looKs like exactly what i was hoping to find an and i am dying a lilittle cuz it won’t opennnnnnn

  2. Hi, love your songbook. Was wondering if you would be ok with me copying a couple of songs (with attribution and link back) for my songbook?
    Jim Carey

    • Happy for you to do that, Jim, with the appropriate attribution (and a link back to the site would be great). If you put it online let me know when you’ve done so and I’ll add a link to it.

      Out of interest, what were the songs you were interested in?


      • excellent – this is a really good site and I just love the songbook. Not sure yet which songs i am going to purloin – will let you know in a few days after I have been through them – I am an old codger but want to freshen my songbook a bit so there are quite a few that look great! Hopefully I will get to a new release of my book in 2-3 months and would really appreciate you adding a link ! I will make sure that each song links back to your site 🙂

        Take care


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