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Living On The Ceiling – Blancmange

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And so it’s back to the 80s. Again. As I might have said before, my view of “the 80s” seems to bear only a passing resemblance to the popular cultural view of what that decade was like. But having lived through that decade, it seems to me that the popular memory of it has become somewhat skewed and selective. Yes there were shoulder pads and leg warmers, rubiks cubes and De Lorean’s (although not many in my neck of the wood, I can tell you). But those things seem to have become lazy catch-alls for a decade that I remember as being somewhat darker and more varied than that. I recently went to see the film Pride, a film focussed on the unlikely but true alliance between a London-based gay and lesbian group, and striking mine workers in South Wales. For me that film captured the essense of the 80s as I remember it. Helped by the fact that it has a cracking musical soundtrack!

One of the tracks on the “Music from and Inspired by…” soundtrack album is this little gem from 80s synthpop duo Blancmange. Duos of this sort were all the rage at the time (Soft Cell, Yazoo, Tears for Fears, etc.), and Blancmange have somewhat fallen off the radar compared to their compatriots. But this is a great little pop song, made particularly memorable by the  middle-eastern flavour (something that, according to the band’s Neil Arthur, was a mistake that stuck).

The song itself is just two chords – what could be simpler! However I’ve also transcribed the instrumental melody line, something that is a very distinctive part of the song. It goes a bit high up the fret board at one point, but worth giving a try. I’ve also included it in two keys – one in the original key (B) and one in C that makes it a little easier to play. Enjoy!

<songsheet – original key>  <songsheet – in C>


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