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All About That Bass – Meghan Trainor

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allabouthebassOK, so you’ll know by now that this isn’t the usual kind of thing to pop up on here. But for a number of reasons I thought this appropriate.


Firstly, this was suggested by Sarah, one of my fellow Flukes, at a band practice on Thursday evening as something we might do. So I dug it out (not being overly familiar with chart pop these days) and it seemed like something that might work.

UPDATE : It really does work! Here’s some video of The Flukes performing the song at Southampton Ukulele Jam’s Christmas Cabaret back in December.

Secondly, on looking the song up I came across this version, which is Meghan singing the song live, accompanying herself on a ukulele. So clearly it’s a song for ukulele!

Finally, the theme of the song – about having a positive body image regardless of your size – is one that resonates a little too painfully at the moment. My youngest daughter has been suffering from anorexia for the last three years, and it has been something of a tramatic journey, both for her and us. It’s a highly misunderstood illness, and often comes with a whole load of other related conditions, of which poor body image is one. So it’s a subject I’ve become somewhat more sensitive to of late. Consequently this song gets a strong thumbs up in my book. Contrary to the “wisdom” of the internet, the song isn’t about encouraging people to be big/fat, it’s about accepting your body shape for what it is, and making the most of it. Yes, for sure there are people who would benefit from losing weight, no one would deny that. But there are others, maybe just as many, for whom not having this level of acceptance leads to a downward spiral of weight loss and self-abuse, something that might start with good intentions but soon becomes an uncontrollable monster that takes over their lives and consumes everything. The reasons for people developing conditions such as anorexia are many and varied, and one little pop song isn’t going to change that. But if it encourages debate and thinking about the need for positive body image, then that has to be a good thing.

So here’s the song sheet. It’s a simple, straightforward song, nothing tricky from a chords point of view. You might want to polish off your rapping chops to get the feel for the song as a whole, but what ever you do, give it some attitude. I’ve put the song in two keys – the first (A) is the same as the original recording. The second (G) is the key that Meghan plays it on the ukulele (listen here). Enjoy!




One thought on “All About That Bass – Meghan Trainor

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