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Sugar Town – Nancy Sinatra



What this site really needs is some gratuitous 1960s glamour. So who better to provide that than the iconic daughter of an iconic crooner.

Sinatra is – obviously – the daughter of the legend that is Frank Sinatra. Like her father, she had a gift for phrasing and timing in her singing that, in my mind at least, sets her apart from your some of the other female singers of the time. Her time was the mid-to-late-60s, and she will forever be associated with that time. Most well known for These Boots Are Made For Walkin’, Sinatra was far from a one-hit wonder, scoring hits with her father (Somethin’ Stupid), with Lee Hazelwood (Did You Ever), the James Bond theme You Only Live Twice. And this little ditty.

Sugar Town is a song written by Lee Hazelwood, and is a laid-back, light and airy, slightly jazzy song that effortlessly drifts by. When Hazelwood was criticised for providing the “worst lyrics ever written in a top 10 song”, he retorted with “Hey, I spent a lotta time writing a bad lyric like that! The words are as stupid as I could get ‘em”. But Hazelwood has since confirmed that this is, in fact, a drugs song about LSD. Whilst Sinatra was aware of this, record company, radio and others were oblivious to, or overlooked, these references.

So here is the song sheet. Nothing complicated here, just a repeating set of simple chords throughout. I also transcribed the little trumpet riff in the middle and at the end, if you fancy it. This is a lovely little song to sing, so give it a try. Enjoy!



2 thoughts on “Sugar Town – Nancy Sinatra

  1. Thanks. Instant memory rush! NS made some great pop. Regards Thom.

    • I know what you mean about the memory rush. There’s a collection of songs from that era that have the same effect on me. Glad you enjoyed it. Ian

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