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I’ll Find My Way Home – Jon and Vangelis

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Jon and Vangelis was a collaboration between Jon Anderson (lead singer with prog-rock titans Yes) and the Greek keyboard player Vangelis Papathanassiou (probably best known for the soundtrack to Chariots of Fire). Vangelis had briefly been considered as a replacement for Rick Wakeman when he left Yes, and although that didn’t happen the relationship between the two subsequently developed leading to this collaboration.

Surprisingly, given the relatively uncommercial backgrounds of both artists, the union provided a number of hit singles (the sublime I Hear You Now and this), as well as a hit for Donna Summer with her cover of State Of Independence. It’s probably fair to say that this isn’t the most cutting edge music that you’ll ever hear, and Jon Anderson’s vocal style is one that might grate for some. But this is a lovely little song, very much of it’s time, but no worse for that.

And so to the chord sheet. It’s just a number of repeating progressions of simple chords, nothing very tricksy at all. Given the prog roots of the artists involved that would appear surprising, but I’m not complaining. Simpler is often best (although it can be harder to achieve). Enjoy!



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