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I Envy The Wind – Lucinda Williams



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Lucinda Williams’ Essence is an album that wraps and caresses like no other I know. Whilst being full of great songs, it is one of those records where truly the sum is even more than those delicious parts. A luxurious feel permeates every second, rich textures of sound all graced with Lucinda’s unmistakable voice. Full of brooding emotion, on the edge of cracking but just about holding it together, smokey, sultry, sensuous.

I Envy The Wind moves at a sedate, laid-back pace, a yearning vocal from a individual separated from her lover, jealous of the natural elements that embrace him. It’s relaxed tempo representative of the whole album (save the more cranked-up Get Right With God), this song encapsulates the pain of separation from the beloved.

So, a jolly song for the ukulele then?! Well no, but I love this song, and think that the deceptively simple nature of the song works well on the uke. Nothing complicated, nothing flash. Just a simple, raw, honest song. Enjoy!


Oh. And if you like that, why not give “Blue” a try as well. Chords are here.


2 thoughts on “I Envy The Wind – Lucinda Williams

  1. One of my favorite albums! Thank you for posting this.

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